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Compatability : Corsair Mk I, PF & PFm

F4U-1, "8 Ball/Dangerous Dan", possibly VMF-213, Solomon Islands, 1943. Includes unnumbered version. Use as Corsair Mk I.

F4U-1       By RONNCO
I know we will never get a British Heavy like a Lancaster Bomber, so I decided to do a 'hack' on a B24.
This particular A/C serial is currently applied to the Battle of Britain Memorial Flights Lancaster.
QR-M/PA474 'Mickey the Moocher', originally flown by No61 Sqn from RAF Skellingthorpe, Lincoln (my home town) in 1944.

In the pack is also one skin with national marks only.

Thx to Monguse for the template (bet you did'nt think it would end up a a Lanc hack)

B24/lanc by  Kristorf            

                                                                         "Sizzlin' Liz"
                                                                     P-51D 344thFS 4thFG.
                                                  Serial number 44-15326 Aircraft code QP*H.
        Flown by Major Gerald Montgomery Debden England 1945. Montgomery flew two tours with the
4thFG, and scored his first aerial victory on 14th January 1944 when he downed a Fw190. In march
and April 1944 he became a successful ground strafer, destorying seven Aircraft. Montgomery
enjoyed more strafing success in 1945 when he destroyed a Bf109, a Ju87 and a Do217 on the ground
at Weimar on 27th of February, followed by a solitary Me410 at Wittstock on the 10th of April.
These final kills were all claimed in 44-15326, which Montgomery replaced with 44-72382 just
prior to VE-Day. His final tall was three aerial and 14.5 strafing kills.

                                            P-40F "White 111"
                          44th Fighter Squadron 18th Fighter group.
Flown by 1stLT Jack A. Bade, Munda, September 1943. He scored 5 kill's in this plane. It was standard
unwirtten law that the the starborad side was left to the Crewcheif to have painted. In this case it
would seem that the CrewCheif of this plane, S/Sgt Jim Cooley, had his sided painted with 14
killmarkings (more than likley from kills of the P-40s he looked after) and the name
"Reckless Prostitute". While the Port side had the name "Destitute Prostitute" and5 killmarkings for
the pilot.
P40-F          by Warwolfe
P51D         by Warwolfe
Set 2 of 2x4 packs Of P51s previously available at Flying Legends, re uploaded due to popular request.

1. Jasper JokerII
2. Lucky Lady VII
3. Ole VIII
4  FF196(Korean War F51)
P51 Skin Pack By Fly By Shooter
Career skin pack of Wg Cdr Evan 'Rosie' Mackie, DSO, DFC and bar, RNZAF.        By KRISTORF
Career skin pack of Wg Cdr Evan 'Rosie' Mackie, DSO, DFC and bar, RNZAF.
1x Spitfire Vb.
2x Spitfire Vc
1x Spitfire VIII
2x Tempest V

History read me included.

Spitfire Vb template by Jester, FBS, Java_Serval and myself (all mixed to see what came out)
Spitfire Vc template by Robo and myself
Spitfire VIII template again by Jester and myself
Tempest template by Jester, Hammard, Alex Voicu and myself.
Many thanks to you all.

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