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109 G2 Blank Template
109F 2/4
More  Temps on the way. mustangs, spits, FW190, P47, ect. ect
 I hope they save you some time.
 ~S~ RaVe

109E blank temp
Hello Fellow SKINNERS !!
I have given you some options.
When I make my templates I do so with effects in mind.
This way your skin will have a more realistic look when the game 3D 
effects take hold of it.
It basically will give your skin the look of "Distressed Aluminum" as the rivets pull upon it.
those layers are married to the base or internals of the template. 
1. If you would like to utilize those effects, keep your new paint layers under that Dynamic 
  lighting layer.

a. if you think the effects layer is to heavy for the color your using on your skin you can
adjust the  opacity to your liking.

2. If you do not want to use that effect layer, simply turn off the opacity and use the simple base layer

you can see how the skin looks either way just by moving the base layers around.
Its a bit different from what you may be use to but give it a try I think you will like it.
 Please let me know how it works out for you or if you have any questions or recommendations I'm here to help make things more enjoyable for you. Ill be happy to help.          

you can post @  WWW. Raven Skins .com.

These are original works by Raven.Panel line and  rivet reference for my 109s was mostly from the works of 
 Andy Banott, Witold Hazuka and Jacek Jackiewicz also the book Messerschmitt bf 109 F,G & k series.  My internals  and cock pit layers were inspired/based by work from Aces art works and FBS.
 without there groundbreaking imagination,  I wouldn't have  thought about doing my own brand of internals .
I would also like to thank all the skinners out there without your input and help none of us could grow. Also great sites like Simmers Paint Shop  were new and  seasoned skin artists can compare notes
RaVe ~S~
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